Cheap Thrills

As a professional hairstylist, I have access to the best possible haircare products available. I know the benefits of using professional products for keeping my hair in optimum health...

But, in the name of research and nostalgia, there is something so thrilling about walking down the aisle at the local superstore or pharmacy, and buying the latest, greatest, heavily-marketed national brand shampoo. Or hairspray or anti-frizz treatment.

@@@When it comes to professional salon brands, you will never purchase those from these places, even though they are on blatant display in their beauty aisles. That is called diverted product, and these brands are only supposed to be sold by licensed salons, schools and distributors. Please do not buy professional products from the grocery store or pharmacy!@@@

But I know not all of my clients heed my recommendations on haircare products, some of them think I won't know, but I can always tell. It's in the way the color fades, the ends fray and the styles fail to enthuse.  And sometimes that's fine. Some products work better than others. And sometimes budgets do not stretch as far as our fashion dreams! I get all of this, which is why I do my share of trying non-professional products on myself!

The first few times are always exciting! Shampoos smell great and lather like in the commercials. Conditioners make hair feel like buttery silk. That slippery feeling stays with you all day! By about the third or fourth day, your scalp feels a bit gooey, your hair separates into chunks, and it just feels harder to get that clean scalp feeling.

That's usually when I switch back to my pro brands and slide the OTC products onto my hubby's side of the shower! When I see some big-money marketing campaigns, I know what my girls are seeing, so I know what to try the next time! Or I get nostalgic for a brand or smell from the glory days of high school and grab those! Haha!

I'm not a snob, but I do know the benefits of quality salon brand products are real. But I also like to have real-life experiences that align with my salon guests, as well. I'm a hair nerd, it's just what I do!

And just for reference, I do tend to have a bit more love for styling products from the pharmacy, things like dry shampoo and hairspray!

Cheers to budgeting beauty!

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