Fashion Flashback!

Ok, so as I've gotten to a more "mature" stage of life, I like to think my beauty and fashion sense has, well, grown up, too! Ive been known to go all-out retro at times, but I usually prefer simple, classic looks for most events. (Like this black, strapless number from Gap, and soft, glam, hair and makeup.)

My girlie, Amelia, and me posing pre-Chamber Mixer

 But, nearly two decades ago, I wore things like this:

Easter, 1993(?)
Yes, Friends of the Nineties, that's a velvety vest you see there with my cut-off jean shorts! I guarantee I was wearing my canvas Keds, too! So fancy! But wait! How about this number:
Summer, 1994, Senior Portrait session
And here we have a lovely floral doll dress, complete with bodysuit and flouncy sleeves!  I totally love the addition of the black-cord lady Seattle! Haha!

I must say, these pictures do make me miss the good ol' days! Now if only I could dig up the one with the colored jeans and flannel...I could actually be on trend once again! Yay! The Nineties are coming back!!!?!!!

Cheers to feeling like a Fashion Icon!


  1. the photos aren't showing up in this post :(

  2. Sorry! Not sure why they're not showing up for you. You could try the link from my Facebook page


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