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New Mascara Love!

Today I tried the new Avon SuperExtend Infinitize mascara! It has a mega-cool rubber-bristle brush, mad curling and lengthening action, and has lasted beautifully throughout the entire day!

No smudging even through a nap, no flakes or clumps anywhere! And super-dark, rich color!

Can't wait to put this stuff on again tomorrow! And my video on this review will be up tomorrow on Yay!

Cheers to new eyes!

TLC'ING When You Feel Schlumpy

Here's a little video to see how I give myself a bit more glam and drama for those days I'm feeling under the weather or just totally yucky...

Cheers to taking some time to feel better!

Polish Preppin'

I decided to go almost-all-out on my DIY-mani this weekend! Normally I remove whatever old color is left on my nails,  swipe on a new coat of polish and I'm done.

Friday I removed my old polish then gently shaped with a fine-grain file. Then I applied a coat of OPI Chip Skip. This cleans and preps the nail plate for optimum adherence! Next I applied one coat of CND Stickey base coat, followed by two thin coats of OPI Fit for a Queensland.

After letting those thin, if multiple, coats dry for about an hour, I finished my fine-looking fingers off with a splash of OPI Top Coat.

Then tried not to touch anything for fifteen hours.....haha! Guess who gobbered up one thumb immediately?! Yup. Eh, whatevs!

So far, the weekend has been a completely busy, all-hands -on-everything sorta thing, and I haven't ever seen my mani hold up better! Yay for the proper P to the REP!

Tomorrow I will add one thin coat of OPI Top Coat again to help maintain this ol' girl! I'm gonna try for a wh…

Bright Lips, So Right!

Holla some pink lips!

This time of year I like to try to break outta my nude-lip shell! It's the perfect opportunity to hook it up with some pink, baby!

This beauty is from diego dalla palma. Made in Italy, its claim to fame is that its  "uniform release of colour gives a velvety, comfortable and moisturising effect with an anti aging action." This shade 29 is the best mix of soft, creamy, moist, rich, semi-matte, semi-hot pink I've probably ever used! Haha! It feels super smooth and just looks so hot! Yea!

I received this as a delicious sample from Sample Society by Beauty Bar.  I am psyched that Spring is here and it is now perfectly acceptable to indulge in my newest, hot-pink lip fetish!!!

Cheers to not-naked lips!

Topknot Tutorial!

As I have been soooo incredibly obsessed with my hair growing and creating a "crowning glory" topknot almost every day, I thought I'd show you how I've been makin' it happen!

Not sure why I can't make a picture straight, but there you go!
Cheers to lazy-awesome hair!

Tuesday Hair: "high Mulan"

This morning I wrapped my hair up in a high bun/top knot. I didn't plan on wearing it all day, just long enough to pack school lunches and get my makeup on!

Then, I got dressed and added earrings, and thought I'd keep that bun right up there! I thought it kinda made me look a little fancy and on-trend, without being too fussy.

At work, my girlfriend called it a "high Mulan" which I thought was so cute! Her daughters used to ask for this style when they were little, around the time of Mulan fame, for non-Disney people!

So cheers to rocking the "high Mulan" on a random Tuesday!