Polish Preppin'

I decided to go almost-all-out on my DIY-mani this weekend! Normally I remove whatever old color is left on my nails,  swipe on a new coat of polish and I'm done.

Friday I removed my old polish then gently shaped with a fine-grain file. Then I applied a coat of OPI Chip Skip. This cleans and preps the nail plate for optimum adherence! Next I applied one coat of CND Stickey base coat, followed by two thin coats of OPI Fit for a Queensland.

After letting those thin, if multiple, coats dry for about an hour, I finished my fine-looking fingers off with a splash of OPI Top Coat.

Then tried not to touch anything for fifteen hours.....haha! Guess who gobbered up one thumb immediately?! Yup. Eh, whatevs!

So far, the weekend has been a completely busy, all-hands -on-everything sorta thing, and I haven't ever seen my mani hold up better! Yay for the proper P to the REP!
Three days into a proper prep! With OPI Fit for a Queensland color.

Tomorrow I will add one thin coat of OPI Top Coat again to help maintain this ol' girl! I'm gonna try for a whole week of pretty hands!

Cheers to taking your time, every once in a while!


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