Sunday, June 23, 2013

Color Time!

It has been a few months since I've done anything with my haircolor, and I have been BORED for ages, now! Sometimes I want to go platinum, sometimes I want to go Kardashian-brown, and most recently I've reimagined myself the red of Addison Montgomery-Shepard from Private Practice.

So it's Saturday night, I'm feeling alright...and I have just enough time between dinner and Family Movie Night's showing of Jack the Giant Slayer! we go with 30 minutes of Paul Mitchell the color, 1/2 7N 1/2 8A, 30 volume developer!  Shall we?!

Ta-da! I know, nothing earth-shattering! This basically lightened my base by about two shades and warmed it up just a little. I was tired of the stark contrast between my natural base and my blonde pieces.  Coloring also toned all the blonde streaks I had, so it is all just softer.  I will probably paint in a few more blonde pieces in the next few weeks, too!  I feel like I am on my Jennifer Aniston mission! Haha!  And really, this is about the exact shade as my six-year-old daughter's hair! Tres naturelle!

Cheers to changin' it up now and then!