Into the Splash! It's Summer Vacay!

Ok, kindergarten is done (bittersweet mom) and preschool is over (supersad mom) what!? The kiddos and I will still have two days a week of organized folly (they go to the summer program at our preschool when I work at the salon,) but what am I going to do the rest of time?

The last two summers have been gloriously filled with sunshine and pool-lounging, so I didn't really worry about creating a routine or schedule. But now that my littles have gotten used to all that structure and stimulation (guess those young minds don't form themselves!) I feel I really must step up my game!

Our first big thing will be packing up and moving into our new house once the remodel gets finished. Crossing fingers tightly that it is before the end of this month! Swimming lessons will be starting by then, as well, so that will give us a regular almost-daily activity. Kindergarten sent us home with a huge folder of worksheets and other learning resources, so I will be putting some sort of regular academic session into our days, as well. Actually, that is something we are all looking forward to. We love paperwork and office supplies in my family! For reals, I'm no good to anyone once I get into a Staples!

Well, at least we have a few ideas for making summer less boring and fighty. (The babes are five and six now, moms, you know what I'm talking about!) and let's not forget about Pinterest! They have some amazing ideas for kids. Maybe I will just tool around there and pin some more things I will never actually do! Haha!

Cheers to properly filling an endless stretch of hot days!


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