Friday, July 5, 2013

New Goodies!

I am pretty excited about my new MAC order...I'm awaiting the arrival of said package any day now! It isn't a large order, just filling out my collection a bit, but I can't wait to try some of the products!

I am a relative newbie when it comes to MAC...the nearest store location is two and a half hours away, a trip I have yet to make since I can order online. This is only my second MAC purchase!

I had stopped obsessively buying new makeup awhile ago and really started using my collection over the last year. I have found some long-lost loves and some renewed faves, as well as realizing that lipsticks just can't stay around for eight or nine years and still be alright! Ewwwww!

So I recently splurged on some Sigma brushes, some nice basics from NYX and now, a sweet little order from MAC. And really what I'm most excited about is moving my new goodies into my new home, which should be within the next few weeks! You can't move old nasties into new niceys!

Cheers to new goodies!