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Maybelline New York: The Flash Clean Rehash

I have continued using Maybelline New York The Flash Clean for the last week.  If you haven't seen my First Look and Review video yet, watch it here

This product is supposed to break up your makeup instantly, deep clean your skin and leave behind a layer of moisturizer. It's even supposed to Remove waterproof mascara! And it's only 4.99 at Walmart!  And I really didn't like it. And it really didn't even get my regular mascara off.

I did like the convenience of a one-bottle-does-it-all product, especially when we got home late from an all day excursion to the amusement park...totally out of baby wipes and also totally lazy! But I also didn't have anything on my face except for sunscreen and sweat. Eww, but not really heavy duty cleaning required.

The rest of the nights I felt like I had a residue that needed to be washed off, but I resisted.  I also have had more tiny bumps on my skin than skin is usually very smooth for the most part, so this is su…

Maybelline New York The Flash Clean

Just tried this cleanser/makeup remover/moisturizer from Maybelline New York...The Flash Clean...

Have you guys tried this one yet?  What did you think?  Let me know in the comments!  I will update you on my continued-use thoughts in a few days!


Mascara Blowout!

Boo-hoo! This is my faithful Avon Infinitize mascara earlier today.  (You can watch my First Look and Review video of it
This has never happened to me before, and I've probably used hundreds of tubes of least I had a few backups in my drawer!
Speaking of buying multiple packages of unnecessary mascara, have you seen the new Maybelline New York Great Lash Limited Edition Mascara? Yeah, there are six limited-edition shades (duh) of which I plan on purchasing at least three!  They're around $7 each at drugstores.  Stay tuned for more on those babies! (And be prepped for a nineties flashback...remember blue mascara!? Yay!!)
Wishing you the best lashed weekend you can hope for! Xoxo, Lindsay

Hair Habit

If you've known me awhile, you probably realize I get bored with my hair. A lot. In fact, I usually quip that the one thing that stays the same is that I'm always changing my hair!  My clients tell me they're not sure what I'll look like from one appointment to the next, but that it's always good! (Hope they're not fibbing to make me feel better! Haha!)
Sometimes I want to be all dramatic and "stylist-y" and other times I want to be the all-natural, laid-back Senior year version of myself, a la this pic...
Perhaps I'm just trying to recapture that youthful nostalgia, kind of rewind before I did damage to my hair in the first place (not to mention all those bad decisions in college haha!) But I love the process of creating different hairstyles and colors and looks, I just hate having to wait so long for things to grow or "heal" between changes. Since I am a professional stylist, I can't do things the incorrect way...I'm thoroughly a…