Drugstore Mascara Showdown, Part 1

Hey everyone! If you've been a reader for awhile, or have watched any of my youtube videos (www.youtube.com/beautybylindsayc) you may know I am a huge mascara addict. Like, I think I may need to join some kind of group for it...I will show you a picture of what I'm talking about...
So this is my mascara/eyeliner drawer. Quick count says eighteen mascaras. Most of them are drugstore, but I also have a few semi-pricey tubes, as well.  Jane Iredale mini, a Josie Maran, a Sephora...I go through a ton of mascara and I am super-picky about consistency, color and texture. I love playing with high-end mascara, but I live 45 minutes from anywhere...when I need/want new mascara, I've gotta have it now! Truly an issue!

My longstanding drugstore favorite is L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black. It is just so thick and rich, with a perfect old-school brush...it really gives me the fake-looking lashes I adore!

But I am always looking for my new favorite! As you tell from my drawer, I'm not afraid to mix up brands, brushes or formulas! So, I'm going to dissect my mascara drawer (probably with a few new additions coming, as well!) and compare them for you! But I'm going to keep this all drugstore!

Let me know what your fave drugstore mascaras are, so I can try them for myself!!

Cheers to luscious lashes!


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