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Merry Christmas!

It has been a full year, for sure!  With our new home project, illness, babies going to school...things have not been quiet.  But I am grateful each morning I get to wake up and hopefully live each day to its potential.  We unexpectedly lost my stepdad just over a week ago, and I never want to take another day in my life for granted.
My best wishes to all of you! I look forward to creating more fun beauty tidbits for you in the coming year!  Enjoy your families and see each day as a gift!
Cheers, Lindsay

Project: One Year to Pinterest Hair

I have some super-fun things coming your way! My friend Erin and I want to grow out our hair to Pinterest-worthy lengths and styles.  Now, we are both professional hair stylists, and even we struggle with the bumps in the road to glamorous hair; i.e. chopping it off once things get to the collar bone, adding too many layers, not having enough layers, thinking you can just let it go for 14 months without trimming it, chopping/hating/regrowing/chopping get it!
We are going to let you in on each part of our hair growth journey, sharing our pro tips and tricks, and hopefully avoiding the major mistakes we all tend to make when trying to change styles!
I've been trolling Pinterest like a fiend, looking for interesting "remedies" and DIY treatments, as well as inspiration photos and pinning to my newest board, "Project One Year to Pinterest Hair" can follow me at
I can't wait for you to meet Erin and for once, h…

Revlon 3D Volume vs. L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly

I used each of these mascaras separately for a week at a time.
3D Volume from Revlon. Plastic bristled brush separated lashes nicely, and the formula built up quite well after 3-4 coats. Nice volume, though still seemed to take a whole lot of time and coats to get there.
 Voluminous Butterfly from L'oreal. Also plastic bristles, but in the craziest asymmetrical, wing-like brush. Not as sharp when jabbed in eyeball. Quite pleased with this formula, though it is from the same family that I already adore.  I still prefer regular bristles and this took a few coats to really fatten up my lashes, but it built brilliantly without getting ugly! (Photo is actually 7 coats!!)
The fabulosity of the Butterfly brush shoots the Voluminous product way over the winner's line, but I like the performance of the formula better than the 3D anyway.  I've never used any other Revlon mascara, but this was a great entree to their line for me.  
Let's see what happens next week in the Drugstore …

Drugstore Mascara Showdown: L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly

Today is the second day of my trial with Voluminous Butterfly, and I've gotta say, I'm kind of fallin' in love!  It seemed to apply a little easier for me today, as I wasn't quite as weirded out about the crazy brush! And you know I always love the Voluminous formula, but this one also has fibers in it to create extra length!

Here is the video I made yesterday for my first-ever time wearing Voluminous Butterfly!
Watch and enjoy! You'll see what I mean about the definitely takes some getting used to!
Cheers to luxe lashes! Lindsay