Project: One Year to Pinterest Hair

I have some super-fun things coming your way! My friend Erin and I want to grow out our hair to Pinterest-worthy lengths and styles.  Now, we are both professional hair stylists, and even we struggle with the bumps in the road to glamorous hair; i.e. chopping it off once things get to the collar bone, adding too many layers, not having enough layers, thinking you can just let it go for 14 months without trimming it, chopping/hating/regrowing/chopping get it!

We are going to let you in on each part of our hair growth journey, sharing our pro tips and tricks, and hopefully avoiding the major mistakes we all tend to make when trying to change styles!

I've been trolling Pinterest like a fiend, looking for interesting "remedies" and DIY treatments, as well as inspiration photos and pinning to my newest board, "Project One Year to Pinterest Hair" can follow me at

I can't wait for you to meet Erin and for once, have FUN while trying to grow out your hair!  Look for our intro video on my channel before Christmas...that way you'll be ready to start growing for your New Year's Resolution!  Haha!  Subscribe by going to

Cheers to Glam hurrs!


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