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The Year of Trying>>>

So this year, I was going to be a mega-blogger, make a ton of videos for my Youtube channel ( and dominate in my own world every day!  And I started out fairly strong...but life totally took control.

We lost my stepdad unexpectedly right before last Christmas, and I took a lot of time to help my mom navigate her new landscape of loss.  My beloved chocolate Lab/Rottweiler mix, Lila Jane, became gravely ill, and I took care of her until she passed at the end of March.  I've been trying my best to make our new house a loving and joyful home each day I get to wake up, and the rest was pretty much laundry.  For real, we have enough laundry for a family of 13.

I found myself feeling really guilty for ignoring my blogs and YT channel, like I was letting some huge legion of fans down...I do have a few followers, to whom I am always grateful for their support...but really I knew I was allowing myself to let go of those little things that I really found joy …

Project: One Year to Pinterest Hair Update, October 2014

Remember back in January, when I decided I wanted my hair to be long, lush and gorgeous?

I tried to keep up with my vlog, but really, hair just doesn't grow that fast, so I updated again in May...

AAANnnnndddd, here we are in October with a new update, this time with just a bit more progress on length!!!!

Hope you enjoy looking back on the steps I've gone (*suffered*) through to get to this point!!!
I will be doing another update in about a month!!!


Summer's (Almost) Over!

The days are definitely not hot, and the nights have gotten soooo good for sleeping...must be time for back to school!  Although it is usually a little warmer until the end of September here, it may just be some weather weirdness.  Again. Oh well, I have finally filmed a super-short video for my Youtube channel, about what's going on right about now!!

I cordially invite you to stay with me as I return to a regularly scheduled blog/video update!!!


Gluten Free Alfredo?

Though this post doesn't have much to do with "beauty" it is probably my best discovery to date! For all of my GF friends, I have found the ultimate Gluten Free Alfredo pasta combination!! I just found this made-in-Italy pasta at my local Wegman's. I don't know if it's because it's made with eggs, or just because it doesn't have that sweet, corny funk that manges up my water, but cooking exactly per directions, rinsing in cold water and adding a drop of olive oil in the bowl while I finished cooking the sauce, kept these noodles the perfect non-GF texture! 
And the most amazing Alfredo sauce my entire family (of which I am the only one who knows what gluten is lol!) has ever eaten is right here!
I found this recipe on Pinterest, which can shade me out once in a while, but I followed directions exactly, except for adding a bit more parm.  I might remove the 1/4 tsp of salt next time...
Soooooooo d…

Easy Eyebrow Know-How

Eyebrows are hot right now...not only do they prevent actual sweat from dripping into your eyes (gross, but the actual purpose for this human feature!), they can refocus the dimensions of your whole  face.

Every generation has had an eyebrow icon, and styles cycle through in a flash.  Companies are devoting mega PR to their eyebrow defining tools...think Sigma's new brow duos, Anastasia is super brow-centric, MAC has an entire new collection called The Waterproof Brow...brows are always an important accessory!

So, you know I love watching YT videos, and so many girls follow such detailed brow rituals, it is unreal!  I would love to be able to spend that much time and effort on my brow-image every morning, but that's just not my life.  I need to look like a well-groomed beauty professional in a very short period of time.  ( I do have a bit more time now that the kiddos are on summer break--no more 6am lunch packing!)

Here is my easy brow tutorial.  It is what I do every day I&#…

Beautiful Brides

I've taken care of many brides during my career. So much goes into the planning, prep and execution of bridal hair and makeup, it can get overwhelming! I'm sure you've heard many horror stories of Bridezillas, but really, most girls are just excited to look like their best selves on the big day. 
I've been a professional stylist for over twelve years, and while I used to take care of any bride and their mother (lol) I now say 'I do' to just a few. This way we both know what to expect and how best to approach that One Big Day.
This is my sweet girl Cortney. She just got married last weekend. 
We've worked together for at least three or four years, and she is just such a nice, hard-working girl. It was funny when she told me of her engagement, I didn't want to be presumptuous in thinking I would be taking care of her for her wedding! I had a quick moment of wondering if I was good enough! It is one of the most important days in a person's life, and I am …

Day 4, Don't Care!

I am so in love with my hair today, nobody can stand me!  Haha!  Seriously, I was thinking about what I wanted my hair to look like and pictured the Hotroller set I would do to achieve the nerd stuff, I know!  But I was so thrilled with the resulting hotness that I may have to do a tutorial on it!  

So besides hotrollers, I used my awesome Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo (it smells like watermelon bubblegum!), my Paul Mitchell XL teasing brush, Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Spray and about 4-5 bobby pins.  In.  Love.  With.  This.  Hair!!  
So tomorrow I will jump in the shower and lather, rinse, repeat.  Then I will condition, rinse, mask, rinse.  Then I will have soft, shiny, flat hair again!  Sigh...Here is what things looked like yesterday
Hope this made you think twice about what four days without shampoo can look like! Xoxo, Lindsay

Day 3 or Hotrollers Save the Day

Today is day three of not shampooing my hair.  I pulled it up into a cute top knot for my shower.  After I took my hair down, it definitely had some, let's call it texture, m'kay?  Haha!  So I threw my hotrollers in, sprayed with a little hairspray and let them cook while I finished getting ready.  Which, this morning,  included prepping a pork roast for the crockpot.  That's one reason I love using hotrollers...they make morning multitasking so much easier!
So when I pulled out my rollers, I just kind of let my hair fall where it wanted to, added a bit more spray and headed to work.  
My curls pretty much disappeared since I put my hat on (-6 degrees makes it sorta necessary) and I used mostly big rollers today.  But overall my locks kept a fair amount of bounce for the whole day.  
My hair is up in a regular pony for the evening, but I will probably take it out before catching the rest of The Voice.  Tomorrow I work at the salon again, and since it will be day 4, I will be …

Day 2 or The Messy Ponytail

Today is my hair's Day 2.  Most of the time I will just fluff it and leave it alone, since it is still fresh and fairly smooth.  Or I will do this... A messy looped ponytail is a no-fail cute 'do.  Today is slightly less attractive since I applied these stylings around 11pm last night...mid kid and dog puke fest.  Sorry for the TMI, but it wasn't a great way to spend what should have been by snoring hours, hahaha!
Tomorrow I work at the salon, so I will definitely be more pulled together!  And here is the magic that was Day 1
I took my pony out a couple of hours ago and my hair is just pretty normal-looking.  I won't do anything to it before I go to bed tonight, either.
Can't wait for a good night's sleep!  (Fingers crossed!) Lindsay

How To Have Cute (Dirty) Hair

As a pro hair stylist, I get a ton of curious responses when people (especially my clients) hear that I don't shampoo my hair every day.  Let's just say shampoo isn't my highest retail total, haha!  People are pretty aghast when I recommend that they stop shampooing every day, wondering how it could possibly work.  Too greasy, too sweaty, too stinky, too scummy...all normal things I hear!  They can't believe I only cleanse two to three times per week!  Then they want to know how I do it and still look like such a hottie! ( lol, just kidding, but I do still look like a normal member of society!!)
So I figured I'd show you just what I do, and what things really look like once you've gotten used to (mostly) not shampooing every day.
#Day1 Shampoo, condition, blow dry. (I actually only dried it because we went to the movies!)
Normal, fairly smooth and flat, decent-looking hair.  Right now I'm getting ready for bed, and I won't do anything special to my hair.  I…

Winter Skin and Hair Relief

I'm not sure where February went, but I know I was cold most of the time!  I have been trying to nourish my hair and skin, since it is so dry up in this Polar Vortex, but really I'm just looking forward to warm weather.  Until I can complain about the harsh heat and humidity of the summer, here's how I'm keeping myself feeling human!

Limit hot showers.  Though pruning myself under a steamy spray is the only thing I want to do at any point during the day or night, all that hot water sucks the natural oils right out of skin and hair.  Trust me and skip a day or two as often as you can manage.Lube up, not smell up.  When skin is dry, thirsty, chapped or chafed, the last thing you want to do is rub that sweet-winter-pumpkin-spice lotion into it!  I have been devoted to my organic coconut is so hydrating and there is no stinging or stinking.  Also in my current stable is Josie Maran's Whipped Argan Oil ultra-hydrating body butter.  So moisturizing and has a real…

Project Pinterest Update

Hi! Hope you're staying cozy during PolarVortex 2.0!  Just an FYI, I think I'm gonna do a post on how to have cute hair with a winter hat!  Because it is not always cute!!! 

I am well into the first month of my Pinterest-worthy hair project now.  Last week I focused on shampooing less, conditioning more and avoiding hot tools as much as possible.  I shampooed two days, rinsed and conditioned once, and slept with coconut oil slathered scalp to ends one night.  That next morning I technically had to shampoo twice to get all the oil out so I guess I actually shampooed thrice!! Haha!

Yesterday my girlfriend Erin asked if I wanted to use the horse pee shampoo she's been looking into trying.  I have already put her off twice on this.  I don't do pee.  Period.  She would more than likely let fairy elves pee on her hair if it would make her hair grow faster!   Anyway, I think I'm going to try it (the horse shampoo, not fairy elves) since it is supposed to make hair super-st…

Pinterest Hair: Olive Oil Treatment

As I sautéed onions and garlic in olive oil for spaghetti sauce yesterday, I thought, "This is the perfect time to do a hair treatment!"  No? Sure, once I got the rest of my sauce together and turned down the heat, I nuked 1/4 cup of the golden goodness and grabbed a haircolor brush, a towel and set up my Sony in my bathroom!

I applied the warmed oil to my scalp first, taking about 1 inch partings.
Next, applied it throughout the ends of my dry and thirsty locks. Then I wrapped my hair in a warm towel and per the post I found on Pinterest, I held my head upside down for 4 minutes, and left the oil on for at least 10 minutes.  (Being upside makes the blood rush to your follicles, increasing absorption, supposedly.)
When my time was up, I rinsed with warm water, shampooed and conditioned.  Then I dried my hair a bit and relaxed with my family over a nice meal!

My hair was super-shiny, didn't smell too bad, but was a little extra greasy today.  All good, I cleaned and helped my …

Tonight's Stuff!

Ahh, nothing better than ending a long and stressful day with a hot shower, a glass of Pinot and some super-beneficial skincare products,
Tonight I started with ROC retinal Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream all over, then Avon Genics Eye Treatment cream around my eyes, and topped it all of with Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Night Cream.
To my towel-dried hair, I applied 3 pumps of Goldwell Elixir, which contains argan and tamanu oils. Yum!
Then I enjoyed my glass of wine, got my kids ready for bed and nearly fell asleep cruising through Facebook and Instagram.  Sleepy!
Hope you have sweet dreams! Lindsay

Project Pinterest Hair 1

Here is my first video about my big, new project! Enjoy and follow on Pinterest and Youtube!

It's my first HD video, so the quality is amazeballs, but I am still under my technical-difficulties learning curve with all the editing/PC ignore the lameness where it occurs! Haha!

Thanks for watching!

First Conditioning Treatment of the Pinterest-Hair Journey!

Ok, so I'm putting it ALL out here for you, now!  This is post-conditioning treatment, post 2-hours outside in 12 degree snow-day weather, post-shower, no makeup, and possible Sarcoidosis skin-flareup on my face...

Before I got all bundled up for snow fun with the kiddos, I slathered Coconut Oil all through my dry hair and wrapped it up under my North Face ski cap.  Then I spent the next two hours hiking and playing in the 7+inches of snow all around our house!!  We even hiked up the trail through our woods, which made me smile from ear to ear!!!

When we came in from the frigidity, I took a lusciously hot shower, washed my oiled hair once with Paul Mitchell Baby Don't Cry Shampoo, then once with TIGI Bed Head Urban anti-dotes level 2 shampoo, and conditioned with the same TIGI conditioner.  I wrapped my hair in a towel turban for about 10 minutes, then let the locks air dry.

I love the way Coconut Oil leaves my hair super-silky when it dries!  Full disclosure for the conditio…

New Computer, New Blog Year!

Just tooling around with my new computer!!!  I've been using my iPad for everything since the Spring of 2012, so I'm trying to get my sea legs back in the PC world!!  Here is an example of a webcam photo....note the wan no-makeup face and not-yet-Pinterest-worthy hair!!  Oh, and the girls in the background are my friends Viola, Fiona and Miss Kim!!!  Good ol' cosmetology school!!

Ok, gotta go get the kiddos....early dismissal due to cray-cray snow!!!

Cheers to sledding! And faster typing via actual keyboard!!