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Day 4, Don't Care!

I am so in love with my hair today, nobody can stand me!  Haha!  Seriously, I was thinking about what I wanted my hair to look like and pictured the Hotroller set I would do to achieve the nerd stuff, I know!  But I was so thrilled with the resulting hotness that I may have to do a tutorial on it!  

So besides hotrollers, I used my awesome Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo (it smells like watermelon bubblegum!), my Paul Mitchell XL teasing brush, Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Spray and about 4-5 bobby pins.  In.  Love.  With.  This.  Hair!!  
So tomorrow I will jump in the shower and lather, rinse, repeat.  Then I will condition, rinse, mask, rinse.  Then I will have soft, shiny, flat hair again!  Sigh...Here is what things looked like yesterday
Hope this made you think twice about what four days without shampoo can look like! Xoxo, Lindsay

Day 3 or Hotrollers Save the Day

Today is day three of not shampooing my hair.  I pulled it up into a cute top knot for my shower.  After I took my hair down, it definitely had some, let's call it texture, m'kay?  Haha!  So I threw my hotrollers in, sprayed with a little hairspray and let them cook while I finished getting ready.  Which, this morning,  included prepping a pork roast for the crockpot.  That's one reason I love using hotrollers...they make morning multitasking so much easier!
So when I pulled out my rollers, I just kind of let my hair fall where it wanted to, added a bit more spray and headed to work.  
My curls pretty much disappeared since I put my hat on (-6 degrees makes it sorta necessary) and I used mostly big rollers today.  But overall my locks kept a fair amount of bounce for the whole day.  
My hair is up in a regular pony for the evening, but I will probably take it out before catching the rest of The Voice.  Tomorrow I work at the salon again, and since it will be day 4, I will be …

Day 2 or The Messy Ponytail

Today is my hair's Day 2.  Most of the time I will just fluff it and leave it alone, since it is still fresh and fairly smooth.  Or I will do this... A messy looped ponytail is a no-fail cute 'do.  Today is slightly less attractive since I applied these stylings around 11pm last night...mid kid and dog puke fest.  Sorry for the TMI, but it wasn't a great way to spend what should have been by snoring hours, hahaha!
Tomorrow I work at the salon, so I will definitely be more pulled together!  And here is the magic that was Day 1
I took my pony out a couple of hours ago and my hair is just pretty normal-looking.  I won't do anything to it before I go to bed tonight, either.
Can't wait for a good night's sleep!  (Fingers crossed!) Lindsay

How To Have Cute (Dirty) Hair

As a pro hair stylist, I get a ton of curious responses when people (especially my clients) hear that I don't shampoo my hair every day.  Let's just say shampoo isn't my highest retail total, haha!  People are pretty aghast when I recommend that they stop shampooing every day, wondering how it could possibly work.  Too greasy, too sweaty, too stinky, too scummy...all normal things I hear!  They can't believe I only cleanse two to three times per week!  Then they want to know how I do it and still look like such a hottie! ( lol, just kidding, but I do still look like a normal member of society!!)
So I figured I'd show you just what I do, and what things really look like once you've gotten used to (mostly) not shampooing every day.
#Day1 Shampoo, condition, blow dry. (I actually only dried it because we went to the movies!)
Normal, fairly smooth and flat, decent-looking hair.  Right now I'm getting ready for bed, and I won't do anything special to my hair.  I…