Day 2 or The Messy Ponytail

Today is my hair's Day 2.  Most of the time I will just fluff it and leave it alone, since it is still fresh and fairly smooth.  Or I will do this...
A messy looped ponytail is a no-fail cute 'do.  Today is slightly less attractive since I applied these stylings around 11pm last night...mid kid and dog puke fest.  Sorry for the TMI, but it wasn't a great way to spend what should have been by snoring hours, hahaha!

Tomorrow I work at the salon, so I will definitely be more pulled together!  And here is the magic that was Day 1

I took my pony out a couple of hours ago and my hair is just pretty normal-looking.  I won't do anything to it before I go to bed tonight, either.

Can't wait for a good night's sleep!  (Fingers crossed!)


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