Day 3 or Hotrollers Save the Day

Today is day three of not shampooing my hair.  I pulled it up into a cute top knot for my shower.  After I took my hair down, it definitely had some, let's call it texture, m'kay?  Haha!  So I threw my hotrollers in, sprayed with a little hairspray and let them cook while I finished getting ready.  Which, this morning,  included prepping a pork roast for the crockpot.  That's one reason I love using hotrollers...they make morning multitasking so much easier!

So when I pulled out my rollers, I just kind of let my hair fall where it wanted to, added a bit more spray and headed to work.  

My curls pretty much disappeared since I put my hat on (-6 degrees makes it sorta necessary) and I used mostly big rollers today.  But overall my locks kept a fair amount of bounce for the whole day.  

My hair is up in a regular pony for the evening, but I will probably take it out before catching the rest of The Voice.  Tomorrow I work at the salon again, and since it will be day 4, I will be adding some dry shampoo to the mix...

Enjoy your night!


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