How To Have Cute (Dirty) Hair

As a pro hair stylist, I get a ton of curious responses when people (especially my clients) hear that I don't shampoo my hair every day.  Let's just say shampoo isn't my highest retail total, haha!  People are pretty aghast when I recommend that they stop shampooing every day, wondering how it could possibly work.  Too greasy, too sweaty, too stinky, too scummy...all normal things I hear!  They can't believe I only cleanse two to three times per week!  Then they want to know how I do it and still look like such a hottie! ( lol, just kidding, but I do still look like a normal member of society!!)

So I figured I'd show you just what I do, and what things really look like once you've gotten used to (mostly) not shampooing every day.

Shampoo, condition, blow dry. (I actually only dried it because we went to the movies!)

Normal, fairly smooth and flat, decent-looking hair.  Right now I'm getting ready for bed, and I won't do anything special to my hair.  I won't even brush it.  I am that lazy!

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings!  (A few extra minutes in bed!)


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