Easy Eyebrow Know-How

Eyebrows are hot right now...not only do they prevent actual sweat from dripping into your eyes (gross, but the actual purpose for this human feature!), they can refocus the dimensions of your whole  face.

Every generation has had an eyebrow icon, and styles cycle through in a flash.  Companies are devoting mega PR to their eyebrow defining tools...think Sigma's new brow duos, Anastasia is super brow-centric, MAC has an entire new collection called The Waterproof Brow...brows are always an important accessory!

So, you know I love watching YT videos, and so many girls follow such detailed brow rituals, it is unreal!  I would love to be able to spend that much time and effort on my brow-image every morning, but that's just not my life.  I need to look like a well-groomed beauty professional in a very short period of time.  ( I do have a bit more time now that the kiddos are on summer break--no more 6am lunch packing!)

Here is my easy brow tutorial.  It is what I do every day I'm in public.  Ha!  I vary products from time to time, but these are my tried and true methods.  Hope these tips help you look browtastic!!!

Cheers to preventing sweat from dripping into our eyes!!


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