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Gluten Free Alfredo?

Though this post doesn't have much to do with "beauty" it is probably my best discovery to date! For all of my GF friends, I have found the ultimate Gluten Free Alfredo pasta combination!! I just found this made-in-Italy pasta at my local Wegman's. I don't know if it's because it's made with eggs, or just because it doesn't have that sweet, corny funk that manges up my water, but cooking exactly per directions, rinsing in cold water and adding a drop of olive oil in the bowl while I finished cooking the sauce, kept these noodles the perfect non-GF texture! 
And the most amazing Alfredo sauce my entire family (of which I am the only one who knows what gluten is lol!) has ever eaten is right here!
I found this recipe on Pinterest, which can shade me out once in a while, but I followed directions exactly, except for adding a bit more parm.  I might remove the 1/4 tsp of salt next time...
Soooooooo d…