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New Name, Same Mama!

Hello, beauty junkies! I have been taking care of life over the past few months, but I feel like the coming of Spring has revived my drive!  After several months of not buying anything beauty-related, I just got a beautiful little order from Sephora. Oooh, so fun!  More about that soon, but the reason for this post is to share the new title for my mommy blog...

Come visit me over at Beautiful Life by Lindsay!

After spending the winter cleaning out and organizing other corners of my home and life, I realized I needed to rearrange my blogging life, too!  I think I've finally found a title that suits the point of my personal blog, so I will be more motivated to post regularly.  This is something I find to be true in a blog, a closet or anywhere...if something doesn't fit just right, you're not going to wear it!

Hope Spring finds you quickly!