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Prom or Wedding, Glam Hair For All!!

I know it has been a hundred years since my last hair tutorial, but I think this will be worth the wait!!



Sephora MiniHaul:benefit, beautyblender, Viktor&Rolf

Hello, beauty lovers!  Are there any beauty brands that intrigue you?  Any company that the name just sounds like you are going to love their goods, but you just don't try for some reason?  (Like, maybe, you could potentially go broke "trying" Ha!)

Believe me, I have tons of brands that I already believe I love!  It starts as an attraction, then turns to a craving and before you know it, it's an addiction!  This time I'm gonna tell you about benefit!

I have been quietly obsessed with this company since my first trip to Sephora. Picture it, New York City, 2003. We were in town for the big hair show (IBS:International Beauty Show, not irritable bowel syndrome lol!).  I think this had been my very first visit to the hallowed halls of the mecca (aka Sephora)...I was stunned and fell in love immediately! 
I found myself pulled the benefit beauty section.  Every product, beautifully and artistically packaged, had a kitschy-retro theme.  I had always been infatuated wit…