I Just Ordered Morphe!!

Good morning Beauties!!

Let's chat about makeup brushes for a sec, shall we? I started using brushes to apply my makeup about 22 years ago LOL. It started with Clinique and Estee Lauder, just whatever came with my GiftWithPurchases. Those were the days before we could really do all this awesomeness online!

More recently, I used and loved everything MAC.  And then I tried Sigma. {hearts and flowers!} And now, after much thought and research (LOL, I watch Jaclyn Hill!!!!) I have submitted my very first Morphe order!!

Check them out HERE>>>https://www.morphebrushes.com/ (This is not an affiliate link!)

So, I have been researching makeup and brushes for my kit at Strands. Everything just really needed to be refreshed. I wanted high-quality brushes (where everything matched!!) that were affordable, but more importantly, I wanted to know that other makeup artists loved to use them. And due to my semi-obsessive habit of YouTube, I knew I had to try Morphe!

I didn't even apply for the Pro discount that's available! I used a discount code from Jaclyn Hill (yes, semi-obsessed!) and got free shipping since it totaled more than $100. Can you say MEGA-HAUL?!!

I can't wait to get my hands on these brushes!!! I will let you know when they come in!!!

Tell me which Morphe brushes you are in love with!!!

Hope you all have a great holiday!!

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