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Revival of the Fittest

Hello, Beauties!

Welcome back to my cozy, little, happy-space! I have recently experienced the best hiatus from social media/video-making/worrying that any girl could imagine. My salon just reached its second birthday, the hubby and I have committed to eating as healthy as possible (and feel so much better!), and school is out for the summer.

I didn't really decide to do a big "shut down," but just kind of let it happen. I felt completely overwhelmed and under-focused, and just unsure of the direction some paths seemed to be taking me. I have to say it worked better than I expected. I feel that old spark of motivation coming back, with renewed purpose and direction. I highly recommend a little tech break, even if it makes you feel like you're totally missing out.

I ran in the Glassfest 8K again this Memorial Day weekend. This is usually my rip-off-the-bandage race for the Wineglass Half-Marathon at the end of September. Earlier in the year, I started doubting my driv…