How Do I Wash My NBR?

Any time you come in to see me, I will give you a refresher on how to shampoo your hair, whether or not you wear NBR. I found several years ago that most of us still wash our hair the way we did as a young person first taking showers instead of baths supervised by caregivers. That is to say, you all still slap a gallon of shampoo onto the top of your head and smush it around like a toddler finger painting.

The reason you really love sitting in my chair? I mean, obviously the spectacular hair I let you leave with, but the real reason you keep coming back is because I give a damned good Mom Scrub. I get right in there, scrub, massage, and make you feel amazing!

But first, I tell you to use a small amount of shampoo, emulsify it in your hands, and place your palms throughout your entire scalp. Then, you can tip your head back into the shower spray for a second, and start massaging your scalp with the pads of your fingers. If your hair is extra dirty, you may not get too many suds, so rinse and do a second round. Remember, you cleanse your scalp, not your hair. With NBR, you can shampoo in between your rows, but you don’t need to get crazy.

Next, rinse thoroughly, add the same amount of conditioner into your palm, emulsify, then grab your hair like you’re making a ponytail, and work through mid-lengths and ends. I like to let conditioner sit for about two or three minutes, and then rinse.

And you have officially washed your hair correctly! Now, if you’d like to experience a Mom Scrub and get NBR with me, go ahead and click the Learn More Button on my page  to fill out your application!


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