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 When I was in the grind of getting all of my submissions ready for BMS Initiation, I just buckled down and got it done. Especially with my Power Practice, where I put extensions into my mannequin, I did the work, started getting into a rhythm, and checked it off my list. While I noticed and corrected a few things, my goal was to just get the work done. What’s so cool now about my Power Practice, is that I can really take my time to look at the small details that need to be tweaked for the most comfortable extension experience possible for my guests. My intention is now to work on my technique, and try for mastery, not just knock it out and move on.

Styling your hair, whether or not you wear NBR, is much the same. When we are in the daily grind of getting everybody out of the house in the morning, you’re kind of just making sure your hair looks good enough to pass for alive. On the other hand, when you’re getting ready for an event, or giving yourself a nice day of pampering, your intention is to make your hair look and feel amazing, which takes a little more time and patience. If you need some extra guidance in styling, I’ve got your back! It just so happens I have thousands of reps under my belt on styling hair!
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