What does your daily routine look like? What are some of the things you do on a weekly or monthly basis to care for yourself?

If you’re like me, you have a variety of beauty rituals. Some nights, it’s just the basic hot washcloth, micellar water, and moisturizer. Other nights I spend a little more time and use one of my cleansers, maybe a serum, eye cream, and facial oil. About once a month, I’ll add in a Korean sheet mask, acid exfoliant, targeted treatment cream, teeth whitening, facial massage, and super-hydrating sleeping mask. No wonder I can’t get to bed on time!

Do you know how easy your NBR maintenance will be? About every six weeks, you’ll come in for a “move up” or tightening appointment. I will take out your extensions, which takes just minutes, and assess your scalp, hair, extension pieces, and overall quality and color. Next, I’ll make any color tweaks or adjustments, like adding a gloss or touch up base and highlights, and then we will reinstall your fabulous, customized Natural Beaded Rows Extensions. Et voila! Maintenance complete!

Once in a while we’ll need to replace some pieces, or you can decide you want all new hair. Either way, your maintenance appointments will be quite low-maintenance!

If you’re ready for the best low-maintenance addition to your beauty arsenal, click the Learn More Button on my page to experience NBR for yourself!


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