Several areas of my life require protection. Some are no brainers like my children, family, pets, my business, my subscription to the wine club...just kidding!! But really, theses things are hard stops when it comes to anything impacting them in any way.

Other things that should have more protection, but I often neglect and brush aside are harder to define. One thing that is especially under pressure is my energy and health. I have always tried to set boundaries with my scheduling, but I never stick with it, mostly because I don’t want to disappoint my clients who rely on me.

One thing most of my clients don’t know is that for the past six years, I’ve been battling a fairly rare autoimmune disease called Sarcoidosis. Sometimes this disease goes into remission spontaneously and you never have a problem with it. This has not been true for me. I recently got a second opinion from a different rheumatologist, and he said my case is “lingering.” Well, I’d say that’s accurate.

I have been unable to stop or reduce any of my medications since the diagnosis. I am fairly stable with my current treatment plan, though I absolutely hate the six monthly injections I take to keep things under control. And it still doesn’t prevent all the flare ups perfectly. That’s why I’m writing this particular post tonight. I am heading into a problem if I don’t let myself rest. Now.

I have always maintained a shorter work week, first because I wanted to be home with my children as much as possible, and then because it helped make sure I had enough energy left to get to the next week. As I have felt better over the last few years, thinking I was on my way to remission, I’ve let myself do more and more; opening my salon, running half-marathons, learning NBR Extensions. And I have always made it a point to not let people know about this illness. I am definitely a fake-it-fabulous kind of girl. I didn’t want to seem like I was making excuses.

But the truth is, I need to start protecting my energy better than I have been. I can’t serve my clients effectively if I can’t serve myself. That’s one of the reasons I’m letting myself shift my focus at work to more color and extensions appointments...these are what I have always wanted to do more of, and it is a bit better pace for working behind the chair. I realize I cannot handle 8-10 clients in a day anymore. 

So I’m not sure how I’m going to make it work, but I am making a change with my scheduling process after the holidays. Thank you so much for being patient with me!

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