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If You're Happy and You Know It...

Hello, Beauties!

I hope you had an amazing weekend full of rest, relaxation, and joy! I was busy, but with lots of things that give me joy--making guests feel beautiful, spending a mama-daughter day with Darby, running a 5K with a great friend in memory of another dear friend. AAAANNNNNDDDD GoT finished it's glorious run last night, buy I will NOT spoil if for anyone!!!

As I've gotten older, perhaps a bit wiser, I have come to the realization that above all else in this life, I want to be happy. The day to day, trivial tasks I complete as a human who lives in a home with a family...laundry, dishes, scrubbing everything...I try to do with joy and love, and a healthy dose of participation from all parties who share the same space. It all still has to get done, so why bother being miserable about it?

It is so easy to get bogged down with negativity, and if you read many headlines, who wouldn't? I don't turn a blind eye to these issues that surround our lives, but I do tr…

Before and After, Karen's First NBR

Hello, Beauties!

I hope you love seeing these amazing transformations as much as I love creating them! The above photos document Karen's first ever NBR appointment with me. This was the first week of January, and we were correcting several factors, including uneven and fragile layers, inconsistent color, and chemical damage.

We added two, customized 14" rows of Natural Beaded Rows to add fullness and fill in those short sides. You can see from her photo just how happy she was with her new hair!

Karen's natural hair has continued to grow in and get healthier with each appointment, and she is ready for Long Hair now!! We have her scheduled for a complete New Installation of customized, 18" handtied extensions! I started prepping her extensions on Thursday, and we are so excited about getting that new, long hair in!!! Stay tuned for her gorgeous results!!

If you have hair that is fine, uneven, or just won't grow past a certain length, and would like to see if you a…

Seasonal Change

Hello, Beauties!

Summer is just around the corner, and I know we are all getting the itch for a big change! Some of you are adding hair, some are chopping hair, and all of you want to be lighter! And I couldn't be happier!

Makenzie has been a rich, warm brown for almost a year. With one year left of college, she was ready for a big switch! She wanted a shorter cut for summer, and she wanted to go lighter, without being blonde! I chose a foilyage technique instead of open-air balayage in order to kick through the previous warm brown color more efficiently. We wanted a low-maintenance, lived-in color result!!

I used Schwarzkopf BlondMe for my lightener, with Framar foils. I really love this lightener, because it gets amazing lift while protecting all those disulfide bonds! I used Redken Shades EQ 09NB and 08V for an overall gloss, to add tone and shine.

The thing I live for is creating change, whether it's through color, cut, or Natural Beaded Rows. I love honing my color skill…

A Little Hair Love

Hello, Beauties!

This is Gretchen. Gretchen has always wanted to be nice and blond, and nice and long. But Gretchen's natural hair has been unable to support those requests.

Her hair has some natural curl and wave, but not enough to wear "curly" and look right. She has typically worn it straight, and with continued heat styling created a bit of roughness and damage. While she was away at school, she got very blond, but suffered a lot of chemical damage and breakage.

We have been working on getting her natural hair to a healthy point where she feels good about it. But the truth is, she still never had the hair she wanted. Until I started offering Natural Beaded Rows at Strands Salon.

Now, thanks to Natural Beaded Rows Extensions, Gretchen has long, thick, blonde, healthy hair. She gets to be the BLONDE, without damaging her natural hair!! And, because NBR uses minimal points of contact to install, her fine hair has actually been GROWING!! It has been a total win!!

If you…

How To Get Ready For Your Big Day!

Hello, Beauties!!

Wedding Season is upon us! This is always a beautiful time of year in Upstate New York, and brides in our area are very fortunate to have the Finger Lakes and surrounding wineries as venue options for their special day!

I have always taken care of bridal parties throughout my career. This year, though, will be a little different. I have chosen to no longer do Wedding Day hair and makeup. What I have decided to focus on is creating amazing, dream hair for the bride BEFORE she gets all dolled up for the big day. Let me explain...

As a stylist who has helped create hundreds of beautiful wedding day styles over the last nearly twenty years, I found one thing to be true. Brides NEVER had enough hair to create their DREAM WEDDING HAIRSTYLE. It was too short, thin, or fine to create the style they really wanted for their big day. Even my girls who spent years growing their hair long for their updo STILL NEVER had the RIGHT kind of hair to create PINTEREST-PERFECT hair for …

Find Your Tribe

Since becoming a hair stylist over seventeen years ago, I have looked to many different people to learn from, sort of follow their lead. While I have found tons of inspiration and commiseration through my career, it wasn't until I became a member of the NBR/BMS Mastermind that I really found my tribe.

Please don't misunderstand, most of my closest friends are the hair stylists I have "grown up" with. We all share special bonds, but all have slightly different focuses within our industry. Most of us don't work together daily like we used to, having gone our separate directions over the last few years. But I love them, and I know we all have each others' backs, no matter what.

I can't say if  any of my friends know exactly what I'm trying to accomplish with my business right now. Not that they wouldn't get it, just that it's quite different than the way any salons in my area have ever done things. Now, for sure, most of my younger stylist friend…

If It Was Just Hair...

Hello, Beauties!

The one thing I have learned during my 17-year career as a hairstylist, it's this: It is not just hair.
Even though I tend to be a little fun and a lot professional at work, I do genuinely care for each of the people who sit in my chair. When you are touching another human, you are creating a connection. I don't take this role lightly. I know that for some of my guests, I am sometimes the only human touch they have in life. It is sobering to understand how vital this interaction can be to people.

Sometimes, my guests are so overwhelmed by being the caretaker in their lives, that the time in my chair is the only time they get to focus on taking care of themselves. For a couple of hours every six to eight weeks, this is their time.

And when it comes to what their hair means to my guests, I can relate to wanting to hold on to each millimeter, as well as being ready to shave my head bald when something else in life is going sideways. It is the emotional barometer…

Fine Hair That Just Won’t Grow

Hello, Beauties!
Have you struggled getting your fine hair to grow past a certain point? Do you feel like you need to hold on to every last millimeter so it feels as long as possible? But truly, it’s still not your dream hair since it just hangs limply and won’t hold a style?
Have you ever wondered if there was a solution for you? Have you tried products, and vitamins, and DIY Pinterest Fails? What if it was as simple as getting the most luxurious, seamless, safe, and comfortable extensions available?
The first thing you have to realize is that you are worth it! You are absolutely supposed to be able to feel amazing about your hair, and ride that wave of confidence into the rest of your life EVERY DAY!!
Natural Beaded Rows Extensions can be the solution you’ve been looking for! Click this link to get started and to receive your complimentary consultation today!

Sleeping Masks

Hello, Beauties!

As you probably know, this winter in the Tundra has lasted 7 months. ^Wink Wink^.  I have struggled with keeping all parts of my life hydrated!! One thing I found particularly helpful is the latest skin care innovation known as Sleeping Masks.

**Click this link to schedule your complimentary Natural Beaded Rows Consultation Today!!**

The first Sleeping Mask I tried was during the summer. I used the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Mask, which smells like a watermelon cocktail, and has a thick, gel consistency. It felt like it did a good job, but my kids always told me it looked like my skin was peeling off the next morning. Eww.

When I tried using the same mask this winter, I did not feel like it helped keep my skin moisturized. I think it was just the gel texture, which is a bit lighter. So I tried the Hydration Cream Mask from AHAVA. Smelled like a coconut miracle, and slathered on so thick and rich, there was no chance of evaporation overnight!!

While I tend to use seve…

Color Blend with NBR

Hello, Beauties!!

The biggest giveaway that someone wears extensions is generally the color blend. Sure, you can say, oh she wants it to look like ombre, or have a dramatic transition, but we all know the truth!!  You just can't fake good color, especially when it comes to hair extensions!

**Click this link to schedule your Complimentary NBR Consultation TODAY!!**

I have been a professional colorist for 17 years, and I take great pride in my formulations and techniques. I have pursued continuing color education for my entire career, and stay on the cutting edge of color trends. Since learning the art and science of Natural Beaded Rows Extensions, my color expertise has proven invaluable for creating the seamless, customized color necessary for the perfect extension result!

If you're ready for the perfect color and hair you've always dreamed of, why wait any longer? Click the link and get started today!!


Summer NBR

Hello, Beauties!

One of the things I love most about Natural Beaded Rows Extensions is the flexibility and versatility for any style you want to wear. With summer on its way, NBR can give you the long, luscious hair you've always craved, while still having the comfort of wearing it up and out of your way!

**Click this link to schedule your complimentary NBR Consultation TODAY!!**

Whether you're on the lake, the links, or daytripping through the state parks, the only thing you need to think about is how much fun you're having. You never need to worry that your extensions are showing!! And once you wash and style your Natural Beaded Rows, you can easily go a few days with just minimal restyling! Super easy daily maintenance!

Why wait? Treat yourself to your best hair, and have the most amazing summer ever! Click the link to get started!


Makeup Tricks for Allergy Season

Hello, Beauties!!

Spring has officially sprung in the Northeast! I have been hit by seasonal allergies hard this season! Is there much worse than rubbing your eyes all day long? Well, maybe just the constant nose-blowing and wiping? Yuck! Don’t worry, I’ve got a couple tricks up my sleeve to help get you through this season beautifully!

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By making just a couple small tweaks to my morning makeup routine I can still look my best even when I’m feeling my worst! And you probably already have everything you need in your makeup stash!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the good stuff!


Small Habits, Big Changes

Hello, Beauties!

Most of you realize I've been in the beauty industry for a really long before social media even existed. We really did hand out our business cards to anyone who would take one, and prayed for walk ins. On the plus side, working as an employee at a salon with a great reputation and lots of traffic could really help build your book. I was an employee for most of my career, but I did spend one year early on as a booth renter.

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I loved the excitement as a booth renter, but the marketing that we had available during those days were less than stellar...send in your friend, get a discount, sure I'll do a perm and a mullet, etc. So I went back to the relative ease of employment.

Once Facebook and Instagram took over, the new kids out of beauty school started using the platforms, even as employees. They took pictures and got the new clients who were looking for new types of color ser…


Hello, Beauties!

Once upon a time, I had WILD dreams about where my career would take me.

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And I daydreamed, and wished, hoped, planned, and jotted in my journal. And do you know what happened?


Nothing changed because I was doing all this happy hoping in my mom sweats on my days off from the salon. And when I was working, I didn't show up like the next big thing in beauty. I came to work, did good hair, and went back to my babies.

Once I decided to show up to my daily life with my hair done, makeup on, voice clear, and my vision defined, my clients and I started to take myself seriously as a professional stylist. I started doing the things that had to happen so I could have the career and life I truly wanted for myself and my family.

I didn't go overboard and start spending money I didn't have on a lavish lifestyle. But I did start investing in myself and my education. I started posting how-…

In-Salon NBR Assessment

One of the most important things I have discovered while learning Natural Beaded Rows Extensions is that my job as the professional is to recommend what is necessary to maintain the integrity of the hair. Protecting my guests' natural hair health has always been my number one goal as a stylist.

**Click this link to schedule your Personalized NBR Consultation TODAY!**

But did you know that your EXTENSION HAIR needs to have its integrity assessed regularly, as well!? Nothing feels better than the silky luxury of fresh hair, but nothing is worse than not knowing why your silky strands feel less than amazing!

I will help troubleshoot styling, water, and overall care each time I see you. Every couple of visits, or more if necessary based on your goals, I will recommend that we take apart your rows and look at the individual wefts to see if anything should be replaced.

Replacing a couple of wefts on a more regular basis will keep your overall results more balanced throughout the year. T…

Prepping Hair For Natural Beaded Rows

One of the things I love most about my job is the absolute transformation I get to create using Natural Beaded Rows. Not only is my client's natural hair colored and refreshed, but did you know that every single bit of extension hair is customized, as well?

**Click this link to schedule your complimentary NBR consultation TODAY!!**

This is one of the most important reasons we have you fill out the application, and then have a phone consultation before you ever even sit in my chair! I want to have as much information about your current hair and where we are going with your DREAM HAIR! This way, I can begin the prep work on your extensions, so we don't have to hang out together all day when you come see me. Though it is always a good time at Strands Salon!

This prep work will help create the seamless, customized results that only Natural Beaded Rows Extensions can deliver.

Funday Friday :: Fab Fit Fun Edition

Hello, Beauties!

How much do you love to get a big surprise in the mail??  How many of you love nice things for yourself and your life, but you never have time to just go browse, let alone purchase such lovelies?

I subscribed to the FAB FIT FUN Box about a year ago, and I have been really happy each time a new bundle of joy gets brought to my doorstep! (FYI this is not a sponsored post, I just really like this service!)

Click this link to schedule your Complimentary NBR Consultation TODAY!

I have a basic membership, so I get to customize a couple of pieces, but I really love the element of surprise! This season had so much great stuff, I just had to share some of my favorites with you! Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite subscription service!


My NBR Journey

Hello, Beauties!

I have been a stylist for nearly two decades, which sounds completely bizarre to me!  To think I've done the same "job" for so long, and that I am still OBSESSED with it is amazing. I am truly grateful that I have found a TRIBE to share my passion and craft with along the way!

*Click this link to schedule your Complimentary NBR Consultation TODAY!*

I started training in the original Handtied Extension method Natural Beaded Rows, created by Danielle K. White, last October. I worked my butt off after Convention in November to become one of 250 artists accepted into their elite education Mastermind. I now travel back to Orange County, California at least quarterly for trainings. Beyond these in-person events, I have weekly live webinars and practice an entire skill set in business, marketing, and sales daily.

Please enjoy this video that shows the very tip of my NBR iceberg. You can subscribe to this blog as well as my YouTube Channel so you know you don…

Stay In Your Lane

Hi! I'm Lindsay. I started this blog almost a decade ago to stay connected to the beauty industry while I spent most of my time at home with my new babies.  I have been a licensed hair stylist for over 17 years, and a salon owner for three, count them THREE YEARS as of this week! Hallelujah!

I have always been a writer, and a complete ham anytime a camera is pointed my direction, but I have always hesitated to share my passion for both with other people. Until NOW.

I am committed to sharing my knowledge and passion for this beautiful industry with anyone who wants to listen from here on out. And if you don't want to hear, see, or take any interest in what I have to offer, that is okay with me. I am not going to be a perfect fit for everyone, and that is also okay! There is someone for everyone, but I am not going to be everyone's someone!!

**Click this link to schedule your complimentary NBR Consultation TODAY!!**

I am going to stay laser focused on creating a beautiful b…

Lived In Blonde

I love blonde hair. But it has to be good blonde hair. I like some dimension, some contrast, but I want it to look like it's come from the soul, not from a color bowl.

I love a lived-in blonde, which takes a bit more planning and patience. Some might say more skill, as well. All I know is that since I have started taking the time to create this result, instead of, say, a straight forward high-contrast foil highlight, I have had so much softer and long-lasting regrowth results. My girls don't go from 0 to 60 in eight weeks, it's more of a balanced cruise control throughout maintenance appointments.

**To schedule your Complimentary NBR Consultation, click this link today!

The color I did for Karen, above, is an example of what I like to call a lived-in blonde. No lines of demarcation, soft dimension, and no visible origin of any highs or lows. Just beautiful, dimensional blonde.  She is also wearing Two Rows of Natural Beaded Hair Extensions, which I marry the same color th…


I am just getting ready to return home from my third BMS/NBR event in Orange County, California. I took a chance on myself and my business by applying to a convention about “hair extensions and business” last fall, thinking it would be cool to offer a service nobody else in my area could offer.

Turns out, that was just the first step in my journey to growing not only my business, but my entire life! I had never imagined that by investing in my self-worth as a business owner and artist, that I would also be investing and pouring that value directly into my family and my own daily life! I have grown so much in these last six months, that I have to start expanding my capacity in all areas of my life and business! And it feels amazing!

If you are ready to experience Natural Beaded Rows with me, Click this link today!

10,000 HOURS


One Row, or Two?

People often ask why they need to fill out the NBR Application.One of the reasons the application process is so vital, is it gives me all the types of information I need to decide how much hair you need, and how many rows I will create in order to get you to your hair goals.

**To apply for Natural Beaded Rows, click here TODAY!!**

In the first picture, you see that Amy has really fine hair. She isn't trying to increase length overall, just sort of fill things in. We used one full row to thicken her hair up, and a mini, which just helps the back blend and look really natural.

For Brooke, you can see there is a lot of space that needs to be filled in on the sides. For this, you will always need to do at least two full rows in order for the hair to fall into the correct areas. With Natural Beaded Rows, Brooke's own hair will be able to grow in and get healthier even while wearing extensions!

Want more info? Fill out this application and get your FREE CONSULTATION!

Happy Hair

There are good hair days, and then there are NBR Hair Days! Once upon a time, about three months ago, Brooke didn't have any good hair days, since she had an unfortunate shelf where her layers should have been...

**To Apply for Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions, and have all HAPPY HAIR DAYS, Click Here Today!**

I know, Brooke is amazing and gorgeous, and she didn't have to get NBR to be happy. Of course not! She lives a beautiful, full life, and hair is not her top priority. But if you asked Brooke if she plans on NOT wearing NBR, can you guess what she'd say? I'm sure you know what the answer to that is!

So what are you waiting for? Happy Hair is just a few steps away!! Click here to apply for NBR!

Playing With Benefit Eye Products

I adore makeup, and I have always tried tons of different products and brands. I just like knowing what is out there, and what innovations could change my routine for the better!

**If you've ever wondered how NBR could change your daily routine and increase your CONFIDENCE, CLICK HERE TODAY to apply!**

I have been a fan of Benefit for ages, who doesn't love Hoola Bronzer?? One of the things I appreciate about the brand is the retro/vintage vibe to the advertising and packaging. I do think I was born a couple decades later than I should have been!

Their newest mascara, Roller Lash, has a black-black finish, with super-fine rubbery teeth on the wand. It gave a very defined look but took many, many coats to thicken up my lashes. I typically prefer a fatter lash myself.

The felt-tip liner, Roller Liner, really interested me because it is supposed to have a true matte finish. I loved the color, which did stay matte all day, and the fine tip was richly pigmented so the line was eas…

Relax, Your Hair is Done!

I absolutely adore this picture of Brooke! She is just such a cool girl, and she was right at home at Strands, putting up with my multiple pose requests during our photo shoot at the end of her appointment. I have to say, though, she made my job super-easy!

One thing I love about NBR is how easy it is to go multiple days before you need to rewash and style. Once you blowout and curl your hair, your style will easily last for days, as the extension hair simply holds better than natural hair. It just wants to behave and stay looking amazing. It is just so damned good!

**To Experience Natural Beaded Rows, CLICK TODAY!!**

Once you figure out your perfect routine (of course I will help you with this!), you can sit back and be chill, like Brooke. Relax, your hair is done.

Brooke Can Still Play Hard with NBR

One of the biggest concerns Brooke had about wearing NBR long-term was her busy lifestyle. As a mom and entrepreneur, she doesn't always have time to focus on her self, or her hair. One of the things Brooke has long been passionate about is playing basketball...high school and college, the skills are hard-earned and run in the family!

**For more information on Experiencing Natural Beaded Rows, CLICK TODAY!!**

On Brooke's first move-up appointment, she shared all the things she could still do even with Natural Beaded Rows. She was probably most excited about being able to throw her hair back in a messy bun to hit the gym and help with the elementary school basketball program. Even if you zoom in on this picture, you will not see hair extensions! I swear I know you all just did that on your phones, right?!

If you have always wondered what your life would look like with Natural Beaded Rows, don't wait any longer! Your best hair is waiting for you!!

Can I Wear My NBR Up?

I actually love it when people ask me questions about NBR. I know, especially in my area, extensions of any kind aren't widely available. Not many people understand the concept of putting "rows" of hair into somebody's head.

My sweet mother-in-law asked if I could send her a little video so she could show the other ladies at after school pickup what she was talking about when they asked what I was doing! While it's not quite as simple as that, for sure I do not sew anything to the scalp!!

**For more information on experiencing Natural Beaded Rows, click today!**

Both of these photos show upstyles I created on my actual NBR Clients!! Natural Beaded Rows are so invisible and flexible, you can really style them any way you would your normal hair! But with NBR, you have the dream hair you've always wanted, so you will have even better styling options that ever!!

My Natural Hair Is a Weird Texture...Can I get NBR?

One of the best things about getting Natural Beaded Rows is that the entire experience is customized for each guest.

We do a pre-appointment consultation, to get the overview of your hair and what you'd like to accomplish by getting NBR, and then an in-person consultation on Hair Day!

**Apply for NBR here!**

One of the things I need to know is what your natural texture is like. Some people have normal, straight hair. They typically want more volume and hold. Some girls have really wavy hair, and they like to have the versatility of wearing it smooth or wavy.

But some girls, like Brooke here, have a blend of fluffy, straightish, wavyish hair that just does strange things when left to it's own devices. In cases like this, I deep-dive into all aspects of how your hair behaves depending on weather, daily routine, and styling skill.

What I decided to do for Brooke is create the ultimate mix of wavy and straight extensions to give the same type of fluffy movement as her natural ha…