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How Texture Affects Color on NBR

That Smile is EVERYTHING!! Gretchen was so exhilarated with her new NBR in! And it is absolutely fantastic!! BUT, my perfectionist brain was in overdrive with her case. I have used the term "case study" because Gretchen is one of the four beauties who let me start my NBR journey on their heads!!

So, even though I had been training and practicing since October, real life is always a little different than what you think! Yesterday, I talked about how Gretchen's natural texture lived quite differently than the extension hair. Today, I'd like to explain how that can affect the final color!

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Why Natural Texture Matters With NBR

Looking at Gretchen's Before picture, you can see how much natural wave and texture lives in her hair. It literally does take on a life of it's own, which is why she made such a valuable case study for my BMS application.

Based on having a wavy texture, I chose to use all Ocean Breeze hand-tied extension pieces. She either wears her hair natural, or blows it all smooth, so that's why she had to have textured hair put it...

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