First Day Volume

As I recommend to most of my clients, I usually only shampoo two to three times a week. This is the most effective regimen I have found to keep my scalp in good condition without my ends being too dry. My hair is long with medium density and texture, but it is straight and can feel a little flat. I have always used hot tools (correctly and judiciously), to give my hair some bounce and fullness. With a little love and volume, I really have pretty great hair.

Day One Hair is generally a sad state of flatness for my volume. I tend to shower before bed, or right before I get the kids up and make lunches, so I don’t always blowdry and style. It usually looks soft and pretty, but literally has no separation from my head all day long. By the next morning, after my natural oils have bloomed and I’ve slept on it, day two hair is pretty much my jam.
Day Two Hair means there is a bit of body going on, and I can add a bit of loose wave with my round brush or curling iron. Sometimes I throw in my hot rollers, and I’m really pleased with my style. Day Two Hair generally creates a pretty good start for Day Three, which is when I use a bit of dry shampoo and touch up my ends with Moroccanoil Mending Fusion or Original Treatment for taming flyaways.

Today, though, I washed, added product and did a blow dry so I could have volume and polish on DAY ONE!! My killer combo is always from Moroccanoil, in this order: Protect & Prevent spray to detangle, two pumps of Original Treatment worked through mids and ends, one pump of Hydrating Styling Cream worked through most of the lengths and ends, with Root Boost sprayed in sections throughout my crown. Then I blow dry using my hands until 99% dry, and polish and bend with a large round brush. It has been a fabulous hair day!!

Not everyone has the best hair for holding volume and style. I can help you make the best of it, or I can offer you the amazing solution known as Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions. If you’ve always wondered what the magic of NBR can do for your hair, click the link on my page  Let’s talk about how you can have amazing hair every day.


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