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10,000 HOURS


One Row, or Two?

People often ask why they need to fill out the NBR Application.One of the reasons the application process is so vital, is it gives me all the types of information I need to decide how much hair you need, and how many rows I will create in order to get you to your hair goals.

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In the first picture, you see that Amy has really fine hair. She isn't trying to increase length overall, just sort of fill things in. We used one full row to thicken her hair up, and a mini, which just helps the back blend and look really natural.

For Brooke, you can see there is a lot of space that needs to be filled in on the sides. For this, you will always need to do at least two full rows in order for the hair to fall into the correct areas. With Natural Beaded Rows, Brooke's own hair will be able to grow in and get healthier even while wearing extensions!

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Happy Hair

There are good hair days, and then there are NBR Hair Days! Once upon a time, about three months ago, Brooke didn't have any good hair days, since she had an unfortunate shelf where her layers should have been...

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I know, Brooke is amazing and gorgeous, and she didn't have to get NBR to be happy. Of course not! She lives a beautiful, full life, and hair is not her top priority. But if you asked Brooke if she plans on NOT wearing NBR, can you guess what she'd say? I'm sure you know what the answer to that is!

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Playing With Benefit Eye Products

I adore makeup, and I have always tried tons of different products and brands. I just like knowing what is out there, and what innovations could change my routine for the better!

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I have been a fan of Benefit for ages, who doesn't love Hoola Bronzer?? One of the things I appreciate about the brand is the retro/vintage vibe to the advertising and packaging. I do think I was born a couple decades later than I should have been!

Their newest mascara, Roller Lash, has a black-black finish, with super-fine rubbery teeth on the wand. It gave a very defined look but took many, many coats to thicken up my lashes. I typically prefer a fatter lash myself.

The felt-tip liner, Roller Liner, really interested me because it is supposed to have a true matte finish. I loved the color, which did stay matte all day, and the fine tip was richly pigmented so the line was eas…

Relax, Your Hair is Done!

I absolutely adore this picture of Brooke! She is just such a cool girl, and she was right at home at Strands, putting up with my multiple pose requests during our photo shoot at the end of her appointment. I have to say, though, she made my job super-easy!

One thing I love about NBR is how easy it is to go multiple days before you need to rewash and style. Once you blowout and curl your hair, your style will easily last for days, as the extension hair simply holds better than natural hair. It just wants to behave and stay looking amazing. It is just so damned good!

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Once you figure out your perfect routine (of course I will help you with this!), you can sit back and be chill, like Brooke. Relax, your hair is done.

Brooke Can Still Play Hard with NBR

One of the biggest concerns Brooke had about wearing NBR long-term was her busy lifestyle. As a mom and entrepreneur, she doesn't always have time to focus on her self, or her hair. One of the things Brooke has long been passionate about is playing basketball...high school and college, the skills are hard-earned and run in the family!

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On Brooke's first move-up appointment, she shared all the things she could still do even with Natural Beaded Rows. She was probably most excited about being able to throw her hair back in a messy bun to hit the gym and help with the elementary school basketball program. Even if you zoom in on this picture, you will not see hair extensions! I swear I know you all just did that on your phones, right?!

If you have always wondered what your life would look like with Natural Beaded Rows, don't wait any longer! Your best hair is waiting for you!!

Can I Wear My NBR Up?

I actually love it when people ask me questions about NBR. I know, especially in my area, extensions of any kind aren't widely available. Not many people understand the concept of putting "rows" of hair into somebody's head.

My sweet mother-in-law asked if I could send her a little video so she could show the other ladies at after school pickup what she was talking about when they asked what I was doing! While it's not quite as simple as that, for sure I do not sew anything to the scalp!!

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Both of these photos show upstyles I created on my actual NBR Clients!! Natural Beaded Rows are so invisible and flexible, you can really style them any way you would your normal hair! But with NBR, you have the dream hair you've always wanted, so you will have even better styling options that ever!!

My Natural Hair Is a Weird Texture...Can I get NBR?

One of the best things about getting Natural Beaded Rows is that the entire experience is customized for each guest.

We do a pre-appointment consultation, to get the overview of your hair and what you'd like to accomplish by getting NBR, and then an in-person consultation on Hair Day!

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One of the things I need to know is what your natural texture is like. Some people have normal, straight hair. They typically want more volume and hold. Some girls have really wavy hair, and they like to have the versatility of wearing it smooth or wavy.

But some girls, like Brooke here, have a blend of fluffy, straightish, wavyish hair that just does strange things when left to it's own devices. In cases like this, I deep-dive into all aspects of how your hair behaves depending on weather, daily routine, and styling skill.

What I decided to do for Brooke is create the ultimate mix of wavy and straight extensions to give the same type of fluffy movement as her natural ha…

Looking For My NBR Application?

Did you know I have a page on my blog that leads you directly to my NBR Application?! On the top of my blog, you'll see pages listed...

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How Much Hair Does Brooke Need?

This is the photo that really shows why NBR is so powerful. Just a little bit of extra hair in all the right places, customized color, and a seamless blend, make for a confident, happy Brooke!

Obviously Brooke is a beautiful woman--but the shelfy layers around her face (remember I called it her Brooke-shelf? lol) creates such a separation from the rest of her hair, she found it nearly impossible to wear down.

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Brooke and NBR

Brooke is more than just a pretty face. She is a busy mom and entrepreneur, as well as the kindest, sweetest soul you could ever know!

Brooke's biggest problem with her hair is that she doesn't get super-regular maintenance with one stylist. Instead, she tends to get her hair done whenever she has an event or trip, and sometimes just goes to a salon wherever she is. This can create unpredictable results.

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