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If It Was Just Hair...

Hello, Beauties!

The one thing I have learned during my 17-year career as a hairstylist, it's this: It is not just hair.
Even though I tend to be a little fun and a lot professional at work, I do genuinely care for each of the people who sit in my chair. When you are touching another human, you are creating a connection. I don't take this role lightly. I know that for some of my guests, I am sometimes the only human touch they have in life. It is sobering to understand how vital this interaction can be to people.

Sometimes, my guests are so overwhelmed by being the caretaker in their lives, that the time in my chair is the only time they get to focus on taking care of themselves. For a couple of hours every six to eight weeks, this is their time.

And when it comes to what their hair means to my guests, I can relate to wanting to hold on to each millimeter, as well as being ready to shave my head bald when something else in life is going sideways. It is the emotional barometer…

Fine Hair That Just Won’t Grow

Hello, Beauties!
Have you struggled getting your fine hair to grow past a certain point? Do you feel like you need to hold on to every last millimeter so it feels as long as possible? But truly, it’s still not your dream hair since it just hangs limply and won’t hold a style?
Have you ever wondered if there was a solution for you? Have you tried products, and vitamins, and DIY Pinterest Fails? What if it was as simple as getting the most luxurious, seamless, safe, and comfortable extensions available?
The first thing you have to realize is that you are worth it! You are absolutely supposed to be able to feel amazing about your hair, and ride that wave of confidence into the rest of your life EVERY DAY!!
Natural Beaded Rows Extensions can be the solution you’ve been looking for! Click this link to get started and to receive your complimentary consultation today!

Sleeping Masks

Hello, Beauties!

As you probably know, this winter in the Tundra has lasted 7 months. ^Wink Wink^.  I have struggled with keeping all parts of my life hydrated!! One thing I found particularly helpful is the latest skin care innovation known as Sleeping Masks.

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The first Sleeping Mask I tried was during the summer. I used the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Mask, which smells like a watermelon cocktail, and has a thick, gel consistency. It felt like it did a good job, but my kids always told me it looked like my skin was peeling off the next morning. Eww.

When I tried using the same mask this winter, I did not feel like it helped keep my skin moisturized. I think it was just the gel texture, which is a bit lighter. So I tried the Hydration Cream Mask from AHAVA. Smelled like a coconut miracle, and slathered on so thick and rich, there was no chance of evaporation overnight!!

While I tend to use seve…

Color Blend with NBR

Hello, Beauties!!

The biggest giveaway that someone wears extensions is generally the color blend. Sure, you can say, oh she wants it to look like ombre, or have a dramatic transition, but we all know the truth!!  You just can't fake good color, especially when it comes to hair extensions!

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I have been a professional colorist for 17 years, and I take great pride in my formulations and techniques. I have pursued continuing color education for my entire career, and stay on the cutting edge of color trends. Since learning the art and science of Natural Beaded Rows Extensions, my color expertise has proven invaluable for creating the seamless, customized color necessary for the perfect extension result!

If you're ready for the perfect color and hair you've always dreamed of, why wait any longer? Click the link and get started today!!


Summer NBR

Hello, Beauties!

One of the things I love most about Natural Beaded Rows Extensions is the flexibility and versatility for any style you want to wear. With summer on its way, NBR can give you the long, luscious hair you've always craved, while still having the comfort of wearing it up and out of your way!

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Whether you're on the lake, the links, or daytripping through the state parks, the only thing you need to think about is how much fun you're having. You never need to worry that your extensions are showing!! And once you wash and style your Natural Beaded Rows, you can easily go a few days with just minimal restyling! Super easy daily maintenance!

Why wait? Treat yourself to your best hair, and have the most amazing summer ever! Click the link to get started!


Makeup Tricks for Allergy Season

Hello, Beauties!!

Spring has officially sprung in the Northeast! I have been hit by seasonal allergies hard this season! Is there much worse than rubbing your eyes all day long? Well, maybe just the constant nose-blowing and wiping? Yuck! Don’t worry, I’ve got a couple tricks up my sleeve to help get you through this season beautifully!

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By making just a couple small tweaks to my morning makeup routine I can still look my best even when I’m feeling my worst! And you probably already have everything you need in your makeup stash!

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Small Habits, Big Changes

Hello, Beauties!

Most of you realize I've been in the beauty industry for a really long before social media even existed. We really did hand out our business cards to anyone who would take one, and prayed for walk ins. On the plus side, working as an employee at a salon with a great reputation and lots of traffic could really help build your book. I was an employee for most of my career, but I did spend one year early on as a booth renter.

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I loved the excitement as a booth renter, but the marketing that we had available during those days were less than stellar...send in your friend, get a discount, sure I'll do a perm and a mullet, etc. So I went back to the relative ease of employment.

Once Facebook and Instagram took over, the new kids out of beauty school started using the platforms, even as employees. They took pictures and got the new clients who were looking for new types of color ser…


Hello, Beauties!

Once upon a time, I had WILD dreams about where my career would take me.

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And I daydreamed, and wished, hoped, planned, and jotted in my journal. And do you know what happened?


Nothing changed because I was doing all this happy hoping in my mom sweats on my days off from the salon. And when I was working, I didn't show up like the next big thing in beauty. I came to work, did good hair, and went back to my babies.

Once I decided to show up to my daily life with my hair done, makeup on, voice clear, and my vision defined, my clients and I started to take myself seriously as a professional stylist. I started doing the things that had to happen so I could have the career and life I truly wanted for myself and my family.

I didn't go overboard and start spending money I didn't have on a lavish lifestyle. But I did start investing in myself and my education. I started posting how-…

In-Salon NBR Assessment

One of the most important things I have discovered while learning Natural Beaded Rows Extensions is that my job as the professional is to recommend what is necessary to maintain the integrity of the hair. Protecting my guests' natural hair health has always been my number one goal as a stylist.

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But did you know that your EXTENSION HAIR needs to have its integrity assessed regularly, as well!? Nothing feels better than the silky luxury of fresh hair, but nothing is worse than not knowing why your silky strands feel less than amazing!

I will help troubleshoot styling, water, and overall care each time I see you. Every couple of visits, or more if necessary based on your goals, I will recommend that we take apart your rows and look at the individual wefts to see if anything should be replaced.

Replacing a couple of wefts on a more regular basis will keep your overall results more balanced throughout the year. T…

Prepping Hair For Natural Beaded Rows

One of the things I love most about my job is the absolute transformation I get to create using Natural Beaded Rows. Not only is my client's natural hair colored and refreshed, but did you know that every single bit of extension hair is customized, as well?

**Click this link to schedule your complimentary NBR consultation TODAY!!**

This is one of the most important reasons we have you fill out the application, and then have a phone consultation before you ever even sit in my chair! I want to have as much information about your current hair and where we are going with your DREAM HAIR! This way, I can begin the prep work on your extensions, so we don't have to hang out together all day when you come see me. Though it is always a good time at Strands Salon!

This prep work will help create the seamless, customized results that only Natural Beaded Rows Extensions can deliver.

Funday Friday :: Fab Fit Fun Edition

Hello, Beauties!

How much do you love to get a big surprise in the mail??  How many of you love nice things for yourself and your life, but you never have time to just go browse, let alone purchase such lovelies?

I subscribed to the FAB FIT FUN Box about a year ago, and I have been really happy each time a new bundle of joy gets brought to my doorstep! (FYI this is not a sponsored post, I just really like this service!)

Click this link to schedule your Complimentary NBR Consultation TODAY!

I have a basic membership, so I get to customize a couple of pieces, but I really love the element of surprise! This season had so much great stuff, I just had to share some of my favorites with you! Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite subscription service!


My NBR Journey

Hello, Beauties!

I have been a stylist for nearly two decades, which sounds completely bizarre to me!  To think I've done the same "job" for so long, and that I am still OBSESSED with it is amazing. I am truly grateful that I have found a TRIBE to share my passion and craft with along the way!

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I started training in the original Handtied Extension method Natural Beaded Rows, created by Danielle K. White, last October. I worked my butt off after Convention in November to become one of 250 artists accepted into their elite education Mastermind. I now travel back to Orange County, California at least quarterly for trainings. Beyond these in-person events, I have weekly live webinars and practice an entire skill set in business, marketing, and sales daily.

Please enjoy this video that shows the very tip of my NBR iceberg. You can subscribe to this blog as well as my YouTube Channel so you know you don…

Stay In Your Lane

Hi! I'm Lindsay. I started this blog almost a decade ago to stay connected to the beauty industry while I spent most of my time at home with my new babies.  I have been a licensed hair stylist for over 17 years, and a salon owner for three, count them THREE YEARS as of this week! Hallelujah!

I have always been a writer, and a complete ham anytime a camera is pointed my direction, but I have always hesitated to share my passion for both with other people. Until NOW.

I am committed to sharing my knowledge and passion for this beautiful industry with anyone who wants to listen from here on out. And if you don't want to hear, see, or take any interest in what I have to offer, that is okay with me. I am not going to be a perfect fit for everyone, and that is also okay! There is someone for everyone, but I am not going to be everyone's someone!!

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I am going to stay laser focused on creating a beautiful b…

Lived In Blonde

I love blonde hair. But it has to be good blonde hair. I like some dimension, some contrast, but I want it to look like it's come from the soul, not from a color bowl.

I love a lived-in blonde, which takes a bit more planning and patience. Some might say more skill, as well. All I know is that since I have started taking the time to create this result, instead of, say, a straight forward high-contrast foil highlight, I have had so much softer and long-lasting regrowth results. My girls don't go from 0 to 60 in eight weeks, it's more of a balanced cruise control throughout maintenance appointments.

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The color I did for Karen, above, is an example of what I like to call a lived-in blonde. No lines of demarcation, soft dimension, and no visible origin of any highs or lows. Just beautiful, dimensional blonde.  She is also wearing Two Rows of Natural Beaded Hair Extensions, which I marry the same color th…