Finishing touches during an NBR photo shoot

 Hello, Beauties!

Once upon a time, I had WILD dreams about where my career would take me.

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And I daydreamed, and wished, hoped, planned, and jotted in my journal. And do you know what happened?


Nothing changed because I was doing all this happy hoping in my mom sweats on my days off from the salon. And when I was working, I didn't show up like the next big thing in beauty. I came to work, did good hair, and went back to my babies.

Once I decided to show up to my daily life with my hair done, makeup on, voice clear, and my vision defined, my clients and I started to take myself seriously as a professional stylist. I started doing the things that had to happen so I could have the career and life I truly wanted for myself and my family.

I didn't go overboard and start spending money I didn't have on a lavish lifestyle. But I did start investing in myself and my education. I started posting how-to videos on YouTube and writing on this blog. (Don't forget to subscribe to both!)

Then three years ago, I blew the doors off my old life and opened Strands Salon. From that point, my momentum kept growing, and so has my career. Now that I'm growing my business with Natural Beaded Rows, I find myself constantly revising what my vision is, since I keep expanding past what I thought was possible!

If you want to have the life and career of your dreams,  be that person and start doing what needs to get done. The rest will come.

And if you're a hair stylist looking for your first step? My first step was listening to podcasts, specifically Big Money Stylist and The Thriving Stylist!!



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