In-Salon NBR Assessment

Left: Time for some new hair. Right: Still good for this move up!
One of the most important things I have discovered while learning Natural Beaded Rows Extensions is that my job as the professional is to recommend what is necessary to maintain the integrity of the hair. Protecting my guests' natural hair health has always been my number one goal as a stylist.

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But did you know that your EXTENSION HAIR needs to have its integrity assessed regularly, as well!? Nothing feels better than the silky luxury of fresh hair, but nothing is worse than not knowing why your silky strands feel less than amazing!

I will help troubleshoot styling, water, and overall care each time I see you. Every couple of visits, or more if necessary based on your goals, I will recommend that we take apart your rows and look at the individual wefts to see if anything should be replaced.

Replacing a couple of wefts on a more regular basis will keep your overall results more balanced throughout the year. That first transformation is amazing, but you can still feel just as fabulous all the time with regular NBR Assessments.


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