Sleeping Masks

My favorite! AHAVA Hydration Cream Mask

Hello, Beauties!

As you probably know, this winter in the Tundra has lasted 7 months. ^Wink Wink^.  I have struggled with keeping all parts of my life hydrated!! One thing I found particularly helpful is the latest skin care innovation known as Sleeping Masks.

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The first Sleeping Mask I tried was during the summer. I used the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Mask, which smells like a watermelon cocktail, and has a thick, gel consistency. It felt like it did a good job, but my kids always told me it looked like my skin was peeling off the next morning. Eww.

When I tried using the same mask this winter, I did not feel like it helped keep my skin moisturized. I think it was just the gel texture, which is a bit lighter. So I tried the Hydration Cream Mask from AHAVA. Smelled like a coconut miracle, and slathered on so thick and rich, there was no chance of evaporation overnight!!

While I tend to use several different types of skin care products, I found that adding in a sleeping mask was quite beneficial during these dry, cold months. I look forward warmer, more humid weather once summer hits the Northeast, but until then I'll continue using this treatment weekly as needed.

Hope you're all nice and moisturized!


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