Small Habits, Big Changes

A post from Instagram, which I have finally learned how to use!

Hello, Beauties!

Most of you realize I've been in the beauty industry for a really long before social media even existed. We really did hand out our business cards to anyone who would take one, and prayed for walk ins. On the plus side, working as an employee at a salon with a great reputation and lots of traffic could really help build your book. I was an employee for most of my career, but I did spend one year early on as a booth renter.

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I loved the excitement as a booth renter, but the marketing that we had available during those days were less than stellar...send in your friend, get a discount, sure I'll do a perm and a mullet, etc. So I went back to the relative ease of employment.

Once Facebook and Instagram took over, the new kids out of beauty school started using the platforms, even as employees. They took pictures and got the new clients who were looking for new types of color services. Balayage was just exploding in our area, and I was still doing the root touch ups and family hair care that I had always been doing.

Don't get me wrong--I loved the people I was lucky enough to take care of. I had very loyal clientele, and I am forever grateful for them. But I was stale. Nothing was exciting for me, even though I had been taking classes and always trying new things with the clients who always trusted me. There was something that the younger stylists had that I didn't--social media skills.

So I started, slowly, taking photos. I started my blog and YouTube channel. I posted very infrequently, and didn't have the confidence to share my passion with anyone. So not much changed. Then I opened my own salon, and I started small little habits. Since learning Natural Beaded Rows Extensions and joining the BMS Mastermind, I am taking photos and posting on my platforms. Consistently!

So, if you're reading this post today, understand that I have been putting my work out into the world on a regular basis so you would find it. And it has taken practice to stay consistent, but the big changes I have created all came from very small habits.

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