Stay In Your Lane

Hi! I'm Lindsay. I started this blog almost a decade ago to stay connected to the beauty industry while I spent most of my time at home with my new babies.  I have been a licensed hair stylist for over 17 years, and a salon owner for three, count them THREE YEARS as of this week! Hallelujah!

I have always been a writer, and a complete ham anytime a camera is pointed my direction, but I have always hesitated to share my passion for both with other people. Until NOW.

I am committed to sharing my knowledge and passion for this beautiful industry with anyone who wants to listen from here on out. And if you don't want to hear, see, or take any interest in what I have to offer, that is okay with me. I am not going to be a perfect fit for everyone, and that is also okay! There is someone for everyone, but I am not going to be everyone's someone!!

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I am going to stay laser focused on creating a beautiful business and a beautiful life using the skills I have cultivated over a lifetime. And with the support of my loved ones, friends, and Natural Beaded Rows/BMS family, I know I will continue to grow and succeed.

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