Hair Friends Are the Best

Hello, Beauties!

Have you ever gotten to know people online, before you've met them in real life? I'm not necessarily talking about a dating thing, I can really only imagine how scary that could be!! When I applied to the BMSCON3 Conference for Natural Beaded Rows Extensions last July, I was folded into a group of ladies called POD19. These were the girls I got to do Pretraining with before I got to the convention. And once I completed all of the requirements to be accepted into the Mastermind program and chose the date for my first Hands On Intensive, I became part of a chat group called "Jan 31 NBRINT."

Thanks to that chat group, I got to know this girl. We met in real life the day before our Intensive. I messaged the group to see if anyone was around and wanted to explore Laguna with me. Stephanie said she was eating at Subway, which was just across from the hotel. As a girl from a very small town, my husband was concerned that I knew exactly who I was meeting, in broad daylight. I told him I'd matched her profile photo, so I was good. LOL oh my goodness, it really was kind of a giant comfort zone to step out of!! We hiked around Laguna Beach for about two hours and talked about everything hair and life related. We really got to know each other, and took home great memories and shin splints that week!

So, needless to say, I now have a friend who lives outside of Detroit. I don't get to see her very often, but I know when we send messages and texts, it's because we actually care about and understand what's going on with each other. And I can't wait to see her at Q2 in June!! Cali, here we come!!!


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