How To Get Ready For Your Big Day!

YES! You can have your dream upstyle for your wedding!

Hello, Beauties!!

Wedding Season is upon us! This is always a beautiful time of year in Upstate New York, and brides in our area are very fortunate to have the Finger Lakes and surrounding wineries as venue options for their special day!

I have always taken care of bridal parties throughout my career. This year, though, will be a little different. I have chosen to no longer do Wedding Day hair and makeup. What I have decided to focus on is creating amazing, dream hair for the bride BEFORE she gets all dolled up for the big day. Let me explain...

As a stylist who has helped create hundreds of beautiful wedding day styles over the last nearly twenty years, I found one thing to be true. Brides NEVER had enough hair to create their DREAM WEDDING HAIRSTYLE. It was too short, thin, or fine to create the style they really wanted for their big day. Even my girls who spent years growing their hair long for their updo STILL NEVER had the RIGHT kind of hair to create PINTEREST-PERFECT hair for their wedding!

I want you, future brides, to have GORGEOUS ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS, LUSCIOUS locks for the BACHELORETTE party and REHEARSAL dinner, and then for the GRAND FINALE...the hair of YOUR DREAMS!

If you are wondering just how this dream hair is POSSIBLE for your big day, or any day, click this link to set up a complimentary NBR consultation TODAY!


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