If You're Happy and You Know It...

Hello, Beauties!

I hope you had an amazing weekend full of rest, relaxation, and joy! I was busy, but with lots of things that give me joy--making guests feel beautiful, spending a mama-daughter day with Darby, running a 5K with a great friend in memory of another dear friend. AAAANNNNNDDDD GoT finished it's glorious run last night, buy I will NOT spoil if for anyone!!!

As I've gotten older, perhaps a bit wiser, I have come to the realization that above all else in this life, I want to be happy. The day to day, trivial tasks I complete as a human who lives in a home with a family...laundry, dishes, scrubbing everything...I try to do with joy and love, and a healthy dose of participation from all parties who share the same space. It all still has to get done, so why bother being miserable about it?

It is so easy to get bogged down with negativity, and if you read many headlines, who wouldn't? I don't turn a blind eye to these issues that surround our lives, but I do try to focus on the positive changes I can create. It is how I choose joy, and I do think it has helped keep my mental state above board when struggles hit.

Another thing I have chosen is to let go of fear. Actually, that is something that I have to keep choosing, as it is not my true nature. In business, relationships, life itself, I choose to take charge of my life, not be a victim of circumstance.

This is why I chose to apply for BMSCON3 last summer. It was a huge, scary concept, but I just went for it, and I can easily say it has reshaped my life, and allowed me to let go of my old fears of failure. If something goes sideways for me now, I just course correct and keep building. It is very, very empowering.

If you've ever wondered how having the long, thick hair of your dreams could empower you to choose joy, and let go of fear in your life, click this link to apply for your complimentary NBR consultation today. You will never fail for trying.


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