The Most Beautiful Hair in the World

Before and After Natural Beaded Rows™

Hello, Beauties!

If you've been following any of my social media, you can probably tell that I am completely obsessed with hair. If this is your first visit to Beauty by Lindsay, thank you! I am Lindsay, and I started writing this blog many years ago while my kids were really little. I've been a hairstylist for over seventeen years, and a salon owner for the last three. I have always loved all things beauty, skin care, makeup, hair...But I also just love making women feel beautiful and confident in their lives.

I am passionate about continuing my education and honing my craft as an artist. My biggest goal is really to create the most beautiful hair that I can for each guest who sits in my chair. My newest secret weapon is Natural Beaded Rows™ Extensions. This method of extensions has literally changed the entire experience I can offer
in my chair. I can create the most amazing transformations for my girls, and finally--I am able to give you the Most Beautiful Hair in the World!!

If you'd like to know more about NBR™ and get a FREE CONSULTATION, just click this link to fill out my application!


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