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Mini Facials-ELEMIS and Caudalie

Hello, Beauties!

Last night I wanted to give my skin a bit of TLC, without spending a ton of time on a full facial. So I chose my Elemis Papaya Enzyme Mask as my main treatment for a mini-facial. This is a fast and gentle, fruit acid exfoliant, and it smells absolutely delicious. DO NOT LICK IT!!!

All the other products I used were by Caudalie, one of my all-time favorite French skincare brands. If you've never tried them, I highly recommend starting with this cleanser! It is soft and gentle, and leaves your skin clean and nourished.

 Before my main treatment, I washed my face to remove any dirt, oil, and makeup. I like to apply two pumps of the cleansing milk to dry skin, work it in, then add a splash of water to create a slight foam. Then I either rinse with warm water, or wipe off with a damp washcloth. I opted to use a washcloth to remove all trace of product last night.

Next, I added a generous amount of the Elemis Peel and spread a layer all over my face, neck and chest. I p…

Products That Support Your Hair

Hello, Beauties!

You may not realize this, but Strands Salon just celebrated its Third Birthday! I have been so inspired by salon ownership, it feels like my whole career has moved into a completely new lane since I cut that ribbon!!

One of the things I looked most forward to was exploring all of the professional hair care options I had available to me as a salon owner. Now when I started, I did stay with mostly my tried and true, familiar brands.

But once I started using the products to support my guests' hair, I found some serious needs that weren't being met by the lines I had been carrying.

During this time, of course, I was trying all different brands to see if any one line could offer me what I really wanted for my guests. Affordable luxury that really stood out from the pack, and had the right products for their hair? Products that smelled amazing and didn't cause me skin issues? Oh, boy. It was a lot of trial and error, but I finally found my pot of gold in Morocc…

NBR for Non-Mermaids

Hello, Beauties!

Most of you have seen my big hair transformations using Natural Beaded Rows™ Extensions. I have so many amazing examples on the blog as well as Instagram and Facebook...

But I want to talk about the real transformations for a minute.

These are the girls that you don't even realize have extra hair hidden in there...these are the girls you see and think, "Hey, she looks amazing," and they're oozing with confidence.

These are my Non-Mermainds. The girls who don't really want to make a huge change in their hair, but may have needed just that little extra boost to get their lives on the same level as their dreams.

Can any of you relate? Do you know that One Row of NBR™ could be all the hair and boost you need? I'd like you to consider the above photo for reference...There is no way she looks like she has extensions!

Michele has always been creative--she is an inventor, and entrepreneur, and an aspiring tv and screenwriter. As well as a small-tow…

Dream Weddings Start With Dream Hair

Hello, Beauties!

Have you always thought about your BIG DAY as the absolute pinnacle of your life? The best of everything, all rolled into one memorable event? The friends, the family; the dress, the cake; the flowers, the photos...the photos will be a lasting visual representation of your DREAM WEDDING!

But do you realize how many other EVENTS besides the WEDDING DAY you will take pictures for? I remember when I got married, SIXTEEN YEARS AGO, which was like the Stone Age compared to the PINTEREST WEDDINGS of today...


Do you want your HAIR to BE AMAZING, or do you want your hair to look nice for your wedding day?

If YOU WANT AMAZING HAIR, PERIOD, click this link to see if you're a good fit for Natural Beaded Rows™ at Strands Salon in Corning, New York. Once you fill out my application, we will set you up for your FREE CONSULTATION!!