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Hello, Beauties!
I have talked about my health a little bit here, but not very often, and without much detail. I will do a brief recap for this post, but will go a little more in depth another time regarding my personal experience with Sarcoidosis.What I'm really excited to share with you is that after NINE YEARS OF TREATMENT, and a serious dose of focused lifestyle shift, I am officially in REMISSION! Sarcoidosis is an autoimmune disease that can affect just about any organ system in your body. It can show up without you even knowing it, and disappear just as easily for some people. It can cause devastating changes to your organs' functions, as well as deeply affect your day to day life. It all depends.My first rheumatologist called it "the great mimic" since it can affect your body in much the same way as other illnesses of the same organ system. It's fairly complex, and treatment is mainly in the form of suppressing the immune response to avoid further damage …

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