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Salon Lighting for Marketing Photos

  Getting good photos of your work takes work! Good morning, Beauty! I started taking photos of my work long before the crazy changes that today's social media have created. Back then it didn't really matter quite so much--it was considered strange that people even posted photos! It just wasn't part of the traditional salon/stylist marketing equation. If you've been in the salon for a few years, you know the radical shifts that our industry has faced over that last decade! So why does it matter so much now? The bottom line is that digital marketing and social media truly matter in our industry, so sporadically throwing a picture up on your facebook or insta will not do anything for your business. The stakes keep getting higher, and the standards keep going up. Consumers expect a certain level of perfection, and the brands that hit the mark are the ones that deliver the goods in a relatable and authentic, aesthetically pleasing way. And that means your photos have to rep

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