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Jenn: Extension Maintenance Appointment

You're probably wondering why she's so happy...   Yes, you guessed it. Jenn is obsessed with her hair. I've taken care of her color/extensions for almost a year now. She was a transfer guest from another girl who was in the DKW Styling Academy, and travels about 4 hours for me to take care of her. That may seem like a lot just for hair, but you have to understand that what I do isn't just "extensions." I have continued my NBR® education to the absolute highest level over the past three years, and am one of the first officially Licensed NBR® Artists in the country.  So back to the details of what an extension maintenance appointment looks like. What's that even mean? With NBR®, your natural hair keeps growing and your life gets lived. After a time, things get looser, and we need to do what's called a "move up" or "tightening." This is usually every six to eight weeks. NBR® was created to work extremely well with fine, slippery natura

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