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Dry Shampoo--Hit or Miss?

 Hello, Beauty! If you're like most women in our world these days, you've tried dry shampoo at least once. In my experience, you either love it or you hate it. And generally if you hate it, you've probably been using it wrong. The most important tip I can offer is to let it sit on your hair and scalp area for a minute or two before you work it in with your fingertips. If you do a quick spray and rub it immediately, the product doesn't have any time to do its job--which is to attach to and absorb excess oil and debris at the root area. Here's a little tutorial on exactly what I'm talking about> let me know if you're a Yay or Nay on Dry Shampoo in the comments! And don't forget the best way to get your style to last for days is with Natural Beaded Rows Extensions!! Click here to learn more!!

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